This Site Is So Good

Peacock, Tail, Male, Peacock'S Tail

Great bird with bigly yuge feathers

This is a great website. Tremendous. It’s great because of all the content on the site, the words and the pictures, and it’s only going to get better. When you ask people what is the site on the internet which they want to visit, this is the one they are going to tell you about. Real people are going to be saying that. High-quality people. It’s already bigly yuge, and it’s gonna get biglier and yuger.

When this site has facts, they are going to be the best facts. Better than the facts you get in the so-called mainstream media. And the opinions will all be great opinions. Many people will be saying how good the opinions on this website are, and those will be people with great opinions so you can trust what they are saying. You know they have great opinions because they know how great this website is.

Frederick Douglass, as more and more people are coming to realize, is someone who is good with words, but if you compare the words on this site to the words in his speeches, there is no contest. The writing on this site is much better. It’s a shame the Bowling Green Massacre victims are no longer around the see how great this website is, but they would have loved it, let me tell you.

This  bigly yuge website is so great. Almost as great as America is going to be once someone with tremendous ideas fixes all its problems.


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