Time To Ban Appeals Court

The so-called judges at the so-called 9th Circuit Court of Appeals made a so-called decision that the so-called Muslim Ban cannot be lifted yet. Sad! Putting liberal morality ahead of safety from bigly yuge threats means there is only one thing to do, and that is to ban the court.

It’s no big surprise the appeals court is in San Francisco, where they don’t have the best judges. Actually, they have the worst judges over there, which is why the banning is necessary. We need to keep all judges off the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals until we can figure out what’s going on over there that’s making them interfere with the operations of the most important part of government.

This was a short post, but it still made a great point. A tremendous one. Get rid of the San Francisco Court, and maybe all of them, so the government can do its job more easily. Just make sure to bring them back if Democrats get back in the White House, since we don’t want a Democratic president running wild doing whatever he wants, do we?


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