Great and Perfect Argument For Defunding Planned Parenthood

Many people have been trying to get rid of Planned Parenthood for a long time by taking all of its funds away, but they haven’t been able to make it happen. Probably because their arguments for doing so were bad. But this argument which I am about to put forth is not bad. It is tremendous. Some might even say it’s unbelievable. But you’d better believe I have an argument and am not just stalling until I come up with something, because otherwise you would be a hater and you don’t want to be a hater, right?

Now some of you may have heard about this already, but the problem with Planned Parenthood is they do something called abortion, which people are saying is literally the same thing as taking a baby from a cradle and sticking the Constitution in its mouth until it dies. Same thing. No difference. And if you ask me, that’s a bigly yuge problem and they need to be stopped.

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Worst SNL Ever

Saturday Night Live was so bad last night I couldn’t even watch it for more than ninety minutes. It should be called Saturday Night Dead because of how much they were dying up there making so-called jokes which nobody liked. Some members of the fake news liked it, but they don’t count. Also, lots of people in the show should have dead careers and they should be grateful that’s the only dead thing about them.

Speaking of dead, the cold open was totally wrong. Steve Bannon does not look like death. If anyone looks like death, it’s Kellyanne Conway, but it’s okay to say that because she doesn’t read this and if she did she’d find a way to turn it into a compliment. And they showed the President of Mexico as being way smarter than he is. He will be paying for the wall, I can tell you that much, and I will tell you why in a later post.

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This Site Is So Good

Peacock, Tail, Male, Peacock'S Tail

Great bird with bigly yuge feathers

This is a great website. Tremendous. It’s great because of all the content on the site, the words and the pictures, and it’s only going to get better. When you ask people what is the site on the internet which they want to visit, this is the one they are going to tell you about. Real people are going to be saying that. High-quality people. It’s already bigly yuge, and it’s gonna get biglier and yuger.

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